Badam Halwa


Badam Halwa : 500Grams


Sweets with love!! A Great Feeling of freshness!! Send the wide range of Badam Halwa sweets from Olive Sweet to your loved ones on their Birthday, Anniversary, and Festivals & on all occasion through OrderYourChoice.

Pizza28 cm size 728Energy/Kj 1054energy/kcal 68fat/g 25carbohydrate/g 48sugar/g 548protein/g 9salt 15lactose/g
Allergies Egg milk protein sesame seed lactose gluten mustard

Nutrition Informations Version 2

Size Energy/Kj energy/kcal fat/g carbohydrate/g sugar/g protein/g salt lactose/g
28 cm 728 1054 68 25 25 548 9 15
35 cm 923 1352 98 48 75 846 9 27

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